Vision & experience where you need it.

We work with clients every step of the way. Building products from the ground up, or working with existing teams.

Web DevelopmentBuild high quality applications with Elm, React and Node.js (etc.)!
Mobile DevelopmentMobile first web & iOS and Android applications with React Native
UX & UI DesignUser centric design and animations that set your business apart.
User Growth & BrandingBrand strategy, A/B testing, and analytics to drive growth.

Web Development

We are a full stack development shop capable of working in a variety of languages, including JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Go, and others.

We specialize in building premium, dynamic, performant user experiences with React and Elm, but work with each client to pick the best technology to suit their needs. We also specialize in Node.js on the backend, and build GraphQL API’s.

Why React? React has emerged as the industry leader for dynamic UI’s. HumbleSpark engineers are frequent speakers at React meetups, and contribute to numerous OSS React projects.

Why Elm? Elm is blossoming functional language for the web, for clients that place a premium on reliability. HumbleSpark engineers organize the Elm Chicago meetup and are members of the Elm core team.

Mobile Development

We build premium mobile web experiences and embrace mobile first design. More and more users only access to web is their phone, and it is important to deliver them performant, great experiences.

We build native iOS and Android applications using React Native. React Native lets us quickly build excellent apps using technology that is familiar to web developers.

UX & UI Design

We embrase user centric design and strive to design and build products that are as useful as they are beautiful.

We tastefully animate our products (hover over our logo!) using physics, and embrace Material Design principles. We work with major companies establishing design and animation patterns.

We use industry leading software like Sketch, Flinto, and Origami to wireframe, design and polish products with beautiful animation.

User Growth & Branding

We work with enterprise level e-commerce companies and believe in the importance of analytics data-driven decisions and A/B testing.

We can help you position your brand in a competitive market, and develop a stategy to improve over time.

Notable Clients

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We’d love to help design & build your next big idea, or lend a hand on an existing project.

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